Be part of our mission towards economic justice and equity! image

Be part of our mission towards economic justice and equity!

The NALCAB network directly supports diverse Latino communities and small businesses. Together we strive for economic equity!

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Let's create a more just economy for our comunidad!

Together, we can support the equitable economic recovery and development of Latino families and businesses around the United States.

NALCAB is a network of 200 nonprofit organizations serving diverse Latino communities in 43 states, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico.

We support our member organizations to better serve their communities through training, public policy work, peer-to-peer collaboration, access to funding, nonprofit resource, and professional development.

With that support, our members build thriving communities through affordable housing, investment in Latino-owned small businesses and neighborhoods, financial coaching, and policy advocacy to advance racial and economic justice.

Contact us for ideas for supporting our communities. Reach out to Alejandra Amaroli, Director of Resource Development at to discuss ideas or to learn more about our work.